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BigPicture (Appfire) | April 2019 – Present
5 years 3 months 21 days
ValueAdd | April 2018 - April 2019
1 year 1 month

Commercial Experience

I have a lot of experience as a front-end developer at BigPicture, which is part of Appfire. There, I make interactive Gantt charts using Angular.

After work, I keep learning and working on projects with Next.js and React.

Passion for programming

I really enjoy building things. It makes me happy to make something and then see how it turns out. I like trying out new tech stuff.
I keep an eye on different groups that talk about JS, React and a little bit of Go. I also often watch people like ThePrimeagen, Theo, and Dan Abramov.

Programming is definitely not just about making money for me.

Stubbornness in reaching the end goal

From my university days to my current job, I have developed a persistent drive to reach the end goal. Whether it was working on projects in ASM during university, using Java, or now employing JavaScript in my daily job, I am committed to achieving the final objective


Something nice

~Annonymous, 29-11-2023